About me

Hi!  My name is Tricia, and I’m glad you are here.

You're not a resident of Kuwait until you have ridden a camel :)

Since the age of 17 when I first went overseas on a service trip to Guatemala, I have been fascinated by other cultures and places.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in Kansas in 2010 and soon after was swept up in a metaphorical (but oh so powerful!) tornado of wanderlust, carrying me to South America, Europe, and the Middle East.  I have been teaching at a school in Kuwait since 2012, and as much as I enjoy living overseas, I am planning on returning to the US in 2017.  There, I would like to take the passion I have for the transformative power of studying/ living abroad and use it to help more Americans go “over the rainbow.”  I hope that some of what I write can make you laugh, make you think, or inform you if you’re considering moving overseas.  Thanks for stopping by!