Stories about Muslims You Won’t Hear on Fox News

According to a poll conducted last year, only 27% of Americans view Muslims favorably.  After living in a predominantly Muslim country for three years and getting to know Muslims as friends, coworkers, and students, the only way that I can understand this statistic is to assume that 73% of Americans do not know any Muslims.  I know that the way Muslims are portrayed in news stories, on TV shows (Homeland), and in movies (American Sniper), has affected the way that Muslims are viewed in the West, making many people believe that Muslims are violent, extreme, barbaric, and old-fashioned.

On the contrary, I have found that Arab Muslims are some of the most humble, social, considerate, generous people I have ever met.  Coming to understand more about their religion and culture has undoubtedly been one of the best aspects of living in Kuwait. Continue reading