Not Your Average Summer Wedding

Last Saturday, I got to do something I have been dying to do since moving to Kuwait: attend a Kuwaiti wedding.

There is something fundamentally appealing to me about foreign weddings.  Having been to about a dozen weddings in the US, I know what to expect.  On the other hand, getting the opportunity to take a glimpse into another culture’s beliefs about love, wedding rituals, and style of dress is incredible. While in Ecuador, I went to a wedding and, to be honest, was a bit disappointed.  The wedding was great and there was a fun gathering (with delicious cuy [cooked guinea-pig]) following the ceremony, but overall, it didn’t feel much different than an American wedding.  I knew that, on the other hand, Saturday’s wedding would definitely be different than any of the six US weddings I have participated in, and boy, was I right. Continue reading