Mi Verano Español (My Spanish Summer)

All plans are subject to change.  I can hear my grandmother saying it to me, time and time again.  I took it as more of a cute Jayne-ism sing-song phrase than a way of living, but this summer, it has been my mantra.

If you read my last post, you can see that my summer plans involved (respectively): Paris, three and a half weeks at a farm in Marbella, a few days in Belgium, a couple days in New York City, a wedding in Colorado, a final hoorah in Paris, then Kuwait.  Each step of the journey made sense and I was pleased with the agenda I had created.  However, yes, all plans are subject to change.  I’ve been in Europe for two weeks, and this is shorthand for the way my summer has been: Paris; four days at a farm near Marbella; two days of vacation in the lovely beach town of Marbella; three days in Tangiers (Morocco); two days in a city I fell in love with, Granada, Spain, and I have been staying with a 71 year old Spanish man on his farm in the province of Toledo for five days.  I plan on staying here for about three more weeks before spending a night in Madrid, then flying from Madrid to Paris, then out of Paris to Kuwait.  Some of the changes in my plans I had nothing to do with, so I’m not going to go into detail about those.  Instead, I’m going to explain the modifications that I decided to make and discuss why I think life is better lived with the philosophy of living in the present, feeling things out as you go, and not being a slave to ideas you had in the past about what would make you happy now.

Paris, a city like no other.

Paris, a city like no other.

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