Arabic Lessons for Grandma

I called my Gramma on Christmas day, from my parents’ pleasantly warm fireplace-heated living room.  We talked about how things were going, said our holiday greetings, then she said “We still have that book of blog posts that Judy adds to.  You don’t write in it often anymore though.  Why don’t you try to just write once a month?  That could work, right?”

As much as I may be too busy for any random reader, or even a friend, I am never too busy for my Gramma.  So you can thank her for this post.  InshAllah (God willing), I will keep posting, at minimal, monthly.  I am grateful that the reason I have been posting less is that I feel really at home here and have found… friends!  That and teaching is anything but boring, and means that I have a never-ending to-do list.  I have officially signed on for a second year at my school, so I should have an easier second year (though we are switching text books, so my plans won’t be completely the same).  Point is that I like Kuwait and, especially, my school enough to return to it another year.

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