A Night Run Along the Salmiya Sea Walk

Last night, at around 10 pm, I had the weirdest urge to go running.
I know what you’re thinking: That can’t be safe, Tricia!

But, as difficult as it may be to believe, Salmiya is the first place I’ve ever lived in where I’ve felt safe running after dark, especially on a Friday night.  Kuwait may not have much of a conventional night life, seeing as clubs are illegal and drinking is banned, but Kuwaitis are still night owls.  Shops and eateries, small and big, are mostly open until midnight (or all night), streets are well-lit, and the people here are happy to shop and eat until early in the morning.  Whereas in Topeka, when the clock strikes midnight, you generally only find people out drinking, and there isn’t a huge crowd of fun-loving twenty-somethings (haha… looking back on my Topeka bar experiences, a more apt generalization would be approaching middle-age, should-be-spending-their-disability/unemployment-checks-on-something-more-useful, sound-a-little-too-rehearsed-in-their-off-key-karaoke-hits, leather-jacket-clad, as they say in Almost Famous, real Topeka people).

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Ramblings of a Burgeoning Expat

The past couple of weeks have changed things for me here in Kuwait.  The focus of this blog is more about my travels than it is about me and I don’t like to write about anything too personal, especially when it may affect others, but I’m going to come out with it and say that Jeremiah and I decided to break up.  (I apologize for that run-on sentence).  We had been together for a year and a half, which was an amazing feat since we were together in person for less than a third of that time!  I don’t know any other guys who would have worked as hard as he did to maintain a relationship under those circumstances.  We were friends for years before we started dating, he was my best friend when we were dating, and we’re still good friends.  I’ve spoken with him a few times since the break-up, and it’s been wonderful to be able to be honest about how we’re dealing with it.

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DPT Vaccine Day

I tried writing this as a snappy facebook status, but it ended up being too much to fit into a reasonably-sized status.

Today, the school nurse was giving all 5th graders their Diphtheria Tetanus Toxoid vaccines.  The girls had been given consent forms for their parents to sign on Sunday.  We had prepared for it and they had bombarded me with questions about it, for a week.  Even this morning when I had before-school duty, 5th graders swarmed me and asked me last-minute questions about the dreaded shot that included (I kid you not) “Is it true that people are sick for 10-14 days after getting the injection?” and “Will there be fire coming out of the needle?”  I know you’re not supposed to laugh at kids’ questions to their face, but, hahahahah, I did.

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