My New Crib

Hey all.  I’m going to try and make sure that I find room in between learning Arabic, preparing lessons, and making a life for myself here to stay in touch with you friends from home.  My goal is to blog every weekend (which is Friday and Saturday for me).

This weekend, I’m going to invite you into my humble abode.  I’ve really loved having my own place.  For instance, it’s noon and I’m currently sitting on my (neatly-made) bed, wearing only underwear and a tank top (haven’t showered yet- such a slob).  And NOBODY is telling me that I need to shower, get dressed, get off the computer, yada yada.  No offense to Mom and Dad or Reyna (hahaha), but after living at home for a few years, living as a foreigner/ adopted daughter in someone’s home for 6 months (and we all know how difficult that was at times), living out of a suitcase for most of the summer and sharing a cabin with a dozen 16 year-olds, having my own place is tasting pretty good.

And of all the places this school could have given me, I feel so lucky that they provide their teachers with apartments like the one I have.  To me, it’s gigantic.  And we don’t pay a dime- laundry is free, utilities are paid for, we even have the nicest doorman who solves any problems we have very quickly.  Yesterday, he (Mr. Ali) came up to my apartment because I told him my refrigerator was not very cold.  He checked it out, said the broken English translation of “I’ll be back,” and returned with a new fridge on a dolly (which is bigger- score!).  Within ten minutes, all the food and magnets were transferred, and presto, I had a new functional refrigerator.  He’s also very happy to teach Arabic.  Last night, Lindsay (an AAG teacher from New York) and I went on a walk along the beach (I wish I’d brought my camera.  It was the evening of the Islamic holy day, so tons of families were at the beach together grilling, smoking shisha (hookah), or just relaxing in the relative coolness [95 degrees or so]) and when we returned, she asked Mr. Ali how to say key in Arabic.  His eyes lit up with excitement as he went into how to say one key, set of keys, door… He’s such a nice guy.  And it’s good to know that our always-locked front door is also guarded by somebody we can trust.

Enjoy the photo tour.  I swear, it’s better in person (so come visit!)

Outside the apartment door. I like that I’m in room 111.  I think Elena will recognize these pictures from Ireland…

When you walk in, the small dining room table is on the left and this living area is straight ahead. The ceilings are 9 or 10 feet tall, and with that big balcony window stretching the room’s view from this apartment room into Salmiya (the suburb we’re in) and even well into Kuwait City, this room appears to be very large.

My map of the Middle-East that is mounted on the living room wall. Quite handy.

Since I couldn’t carry any large art or pictures in frames, most of my decorating consists of pictures of friends, family, and favorite places hanging on ribbons that drape across doors or door frames (the walls are impenetrable to thumb pins)

The hallway.

Now we’re in one of the most important rooms, the kitchen! Not all of my pictures fit on the doors (I brought a lot…), so the fridge is plastered with them. The kitchen isn’t super spacious, but it meets my cooking needs. I’ve now stocked my cabinets with food, cooking utensils, and dishes.

Everything right in its place. We’ll see how long that lasts!

The spare room. I think it will my exercise/ storage room.

The master bedroom. MY master bedroom!

Vanity and my second balcony. Out of view to the left is the Narnia-sized wardrobe AAG provided.

Since the walls are so hard, embellishing them requires mounting tape for heavier items or just going with something like these wall stickers. I bought them at Banta, the Kuwaiti Ikea.

Next stop: the en suite bathroom.

So glad I brought this shower curtain from home (something I snagged at Aldi years ago that had been sitting in its package under my Topeka bed). Behind this view is the toilet. Guess what? Despite the fact that most of its residents drive Lexuses, Hummers, and BMWs, Kuwait plumbing cannot handle toilet paper. It’s like I’m back in Ecuador with this throwing the TP away in a bin, but at least it’s something I’m used to.

In case you didn’t gather it from the photo tour, one walks into the apartment and is in the dining room/ living room.  To the left is a hallway.  The first stop, on the left, is the kitchen.  Then, to the right is a spare bedroom.  Directly opposite the bedroom is a spare bathroom.  I’m mostly using that as a place to hand-wash clothes and, of course, if I have guests, it’s a bathroom!  At the end of the hallway is my bedroom, which encloses the bathroom.

As I think I’ve already mentioned a few times, I like this place and I’ve enjoyed making it my own.  Every evening, I enjoy watching the sun set from its big, beautiful windows that overlook the skyline of Kuwait City.

Arabian nights.

Don’t you want to visit me now?


8 thoughts on “My New Crib

  1. Thanks, Des! And Teresa, no… I didn’t think much of it because I think that way we have the option of turning it into an office or art room or home gym, you know? WHEN you stay with me, you can just sleep in my bed. I need to go on a tour of the city city (not this burb) so that I can serve as a good guide.

  2. Wow, it looks pretty nice! It must be great having a place to call your own. Wish we could hop on a plane and come pay you a visit!

  3. It looks fantastic – so glad that you are in great digs for your stay there. It will probably help to have an oasis all your own while you acclimate to a new culture. Enjoy the adventure!

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