On being in Kuwait, and just being

Well it sure has been a while!  School began September 6th, and life has been moving at a neck-breaking pace ever since.

There’s so much I’d like to say about the weather, the culture, the food, the people, the teaching, the parents, my students, the school, but it’s 10:30 on a Thursday (the Middle-eastern Friday) night and I’m too tired to go into all that.  I just wanted to touch base and say that I’m still here, doing relatively well.

This picture alone could inspire a blog post.

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My New Crib

Hey all.  I’m going to try and make sure that I find room in between learning Arabic, preparing lessons, and making a life for myself here to stay in touch with you friends from home.  My goal is to blog every weekend (which is Friday and Saturday for me).

This weekend, I’m going to invite you into my humble abode.  I’ve really loved having my own place.  For instance, it’s noon and I’m currently sitting on my (neatly-made) bed, wearing only underwear and a tank top (haven’t showered yet- such a slob).  And NOBODY is telling me that I need to shower, get dressed, get off the computer, yada yada.  No offense to Mom and Dad or Reyna (hahaha), but after living at home for a few years, living as a foreigner/ adopted daughter in someone’s home for 6 months (and we all know how difficult that was at times), living out of a suitcase for most of the summer and sharing a cabin with a dozen 16 year-olds, having my own place is tasting pretty good.

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