(Ku)wait till I tell you where I am now!

I should go to bed, because I have to wake up at 5:30 am (in under 6 hours) to skype with Jeremiah (being 8 hours ahead of everyone at home really makes communicating tricky), but I wanted to take a quick minute to let all of you supportive readers know that I arrived in Kuwait on Thursday and am very happy here so far!  I’ll definitely find time later to maybe write about where I’ve been the last three months and how things are going here, but I thought I’d break the radio silence by announcing my arrival!

Oh, and I really cannot tell you how great things have been so far.  The people, the food, the treatment us new teachers are receiving, the apartment, Kuwait- it’s all just so much better than I thought it would be.

The view from my bedroom balcony.  I’m on the 11th floor.

Not the most pristine beach, but this is a 3 minute walk from my apartment building.  Going from Kansas to this is unreal.

There are about 15 new teachers and we have been taken out to dinner by the superintendent for the last two evenings.  Tonight, we went to a Lebanese place and the food was so good!  Above is freshly made pita bread (they were puffy and hot) with hummus.  The kind of authentic hummus that puts what it is that I make in my food processor to shame.

The family style main course.  This came after we had gorged ourselves on pita, hummus, garlic sauce, tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves, fresh vegetables, and a million other things I don’t know the names of yet, but can’t wait to learn.  The food here is good.


2 thoughts on “(Ku)wait till I tell you where I am now!

  1. So glad you’re there safe and enjoying it. Keep up with the posts. Your place looks nice, too! Miss you and see you at Christmas right? Mollie wants to meet Treesha.

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