Impending Homecoming Lists

What I’ll miss:

  • My host family.

    I'll be honest. I'm going to miss these two (Reyna and baby David) the most.

  • Speaking Spanish everyday, all the time.
  • Starting my days with hot tea, Riobambeñan bread (it’s like mini french bread rolls), and queso fresco.
  • The huge variety of always fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The following dishes: hornato, fritada, mote con tostado, caldo de pollo (and all the soups that are served here), fresh seafood available in Ecuador’s coastal region, ají, tortillas de Penipe, and anything made with plantains.
  • The singing trash trucks.
  • The mountains.<a

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Oh the Places You’ll Go if You Visit Ecuador!

I’ve been helping my organization, Teach English Volunteer, quite a bit.  Mostly, I’ve taken it upon myself to improve the application process and make things much more clear for potential volunteers.  If you all knew how truly murky the details of what I’d be doing here in Ecuador were before I arrived, you’d probably be appalled that I took a leap of faith with such a young, disorganized volunteer program.  But, all’s well that ends well, right?

Anyway, I’ve added more details to the website; created a volunteer blog so that people interested in coming can be reassured with the knowledge that there are real, live people volunteering with this organization; created an application (using for candidates to fill out- the results of which are automatically sent to the TEV email address that I check regularly; and I review these applications and schedule Skype interviews with candidates who sound promising.  The truth is that I kind of love giving these Skype interviews. 
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