Schools vs. Escuelas, pt. II

Head’s up- this is a long post.  But, I’ve been thinking about its contents for months and have been writing it for weeks, so you should read it 🙂

Before coming to Ecuador, I had some experience (exposure may be a better word) to school systems outside the US.  There were the trips to Guamtemala City I first took as part of a youth group mission trip in 2004, then later on my own in 2007.  I worked with YWAM and, among other tasks, did some teaching in a day-care and after-school tutoring program.

You may see some familiar faces here 🙂 In Guatemala City, 8 years ago.

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La Ciudad Bonita

Sorry, I know it’s been a while!

Since it’s now March, I’ve realized that, technically, I’m leaving Ecuador next month.  I still have about five weeks left here, but I’m starting to get a big panicky.  Oh my gosh, have my students really learned anything? Have I absorbed enough Spanish?  Have I seen enough of Ecuador?  It’s probably good that these sirens are going off and making sure that I “finish strong” in my teaching, my learning, and my enjoy enjoyment of where I am right now.

Because of that last question, I have planned (and already been on) a few weekend trips with some of my volunteer friends.  I will definitely be blogging about where we go and what we do there.  But first, I thought I needed to show you the city in which I’ve lived for over four months: Riobamba.

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