On the list for tomorrow…

I took tomorrow off because my parents have been on an Alaskan cruise for the past 10 days and I offered to take them to and pick them up from the Kansas City airport.  They will be returning from what sounds like was a wonderful time.  That and I figured that I could use a weekday off; actually be able to call offices that are never open when I’m off work and just get some things accomplished.  So, before I end up sleeping and huluing the day away (after all, Glee, Parenthood, and Biggest Loser just had their premieres tonight and I missed all of them!) because of lack of direction, I figured I’d make a list and actually publish it to the blog so that I’d have some accountability.  Let’s see if this strategy will work at keeping me productive tomorrow.  (If you’ve never seen my detailed to-do lists, you’re in for a treat…)

  • 7:00- Go on a run
  • 7:45- 8:50- Eat breakfast and get ready for day
  • 9:00- Hair cut
  • 10:00-12:00- Take my final typhoid fever immunization pill (the only of my immunizations that came in the form of a pill- a pill you have to take every other day for 8 days) Do laundry, clean room, clean my bathroom, clean kitchen, basically straighten up the house
  • 12:00- Go to Blue Planet Cafe for the best teriyaki seitan around (I’ll be real here, it’s probably the only teriyaki seitan around.  I am in Topeka, after all) with boyfriend, Jeremiah, who also has the day off, cooincidentally
  • 1:00- 2:30- Call USD 501 substitute services with a couple of questions I have about payment (I’m working as a substitute teacher right now) and explain to them that I need to be listed as unavailable for 6 months, but want to continue working as a sub once I return to Topeka at the end of April
  • Call Consulate of Ecuador in DC with a question about my Visa (which I now have in my possession- hooray!)
  • Call Shelter car insurance company about discontinuing my insurance while I’m in Ecuador
  • Call Verizon about canceling or severely reducing my service while in Ecuador
  • EDIT: My poor dog needs to go to the vet.  This point was driven home to me last night, when after 2 days of diarrhea, I had to clean up an accident and noticed blood in the stool.  All I could get for today was a 2:20 appointment.
  • Any extra time, let myself catch up on the premiere of Glee!  Though, it probably matters not where that’s listed on the to-do list… self-control has its limits
  • 3:45- Leave for airport.  Call friend Elena on the way 🙂
  • 6:30- home from airport.  Make chicken fondue pasta and continue catching up with the parents.
  • 8:00- Skype date with my most recently relocated friend, Rachel.  It will be great to see how she and her husband are doing in Dallas!
  • Relax and prepare for subbing on Thursday.  I’ve been called every day that I’ve been set as “available,” which is great, since I need to be earning and saving money more than ever.

That may have been the most boring post ever.  Sorrry.  But if it means that I get everything done that I said I will, it’s worth it (for me).


3 thoughts on “On the list for tomorrow…

  1. Fondue I had made a couple of nights before, thinned down with white wine and chicken broth, with grilled chicken and some spices thrown in, served over noodles. Pretty tasty 🙂

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